Therapist Reviews

Updated 16 September 2021

7 July
James is easy to talk to, listens well, and is not judgemental. He helped me come to my own realisations about my problems and offered many practical solutions to specific issues I was having, as well as looking back to the past to see where those issues came from in the first place. Overall I greatly recommend James as a therapist.

27 August
I would absolutely recommend Jo, she is brilliant, very knowledgable and understanding and has given me skills and self knowledge that have helped me immensely!
23 July
Simon is a calming presence; he slows down the fast pace of life and has a soothing, kind tone. This has helped me to step back from problems, dial down racing thoughts, and view issues with greater clarity, objectivity and kindness. He explains concepts clearly and gets to the root of the issues quickly. We have focused on mindfulness, early years experiences/relationships, establishing boundaries, self-esteem and building a sense of self.
16 July
Easy to talk to
Malgorzata is a wonderful therapist who is extremely patient, easy to talk to and has great advice and techniques which helped me immensely. I would highly recommend her.
29 June
Easy to talk to
Simon was easy to talk to and held a very compassionate space for me.
28 June
Caring, relatable and approachable. Very helpful with strategies that are manageable to put into practice.
25 June
Made me feel at ease.
23 June
Peter provided a warm, compassionate, and understanding environment. During our work he helped me overcome and understand past behaviours and recognise and understand my emotions, until even the difficult emotions became OK to experience. Perhaps the biggest strength of our work was how he helped me realise and unlock my potential. The evidence of this is how my quality of life has improved exponentially since our work began and ended. I will look back and draw strength from our sessions for many years to come. Thank you, Peter.
14 June
Easy to talk to
Very easy to talk to and a great listener. Highly recommend!
13 June
Sharareh is an excellent therapist, from the first time I met with her she has been patient, inspiring and full of positive and constructive methods that have enabled me to navigate through a difficult period in my life, her expertise has been very much welcomed and appreciated.
2 June
She’s lovely. One thing that I have with therapists is being able to open up to them and feel safe. She's great to talk to and offers a lot of insight.