Therapist Reviews

Updated 3 July 2022

23 May 2022
Simon has been incredible, when I first entered therapy I wasnít sure where I was going, just that something didnít feel right. Through gentle, caring and open conversation Simon has helped me understand these issues as well as helping me to navigate them and their causes. I can easily say that over the last six months, with Simonís guidance, my life has changed into a far more peaceful and open one than previously.

23 June 2022
Easy to talk to
He is a very easy person to converse with. He not only listens, but he also provides sound advice when asked. Every week, I eagerly anticipate his sessions.
23 June 2022
Easy to talk to, has given me good advice in dealing with anger.
23 May 2022
Simon creates an amazing space that makes you feel safe to openly communicate and discuss your emotions and thoughts.
23 May 2022
Simon is patient, non-judgemental and empathetic. He immediately put me at ease and has always got to the root of the issues in my thought patterns.
26 April 2022
A good listener and very insightful with making sense from a challenging situation.
28 March 2022
Jim is calm, supportive and easy to talk to. Over my time with Jim he helped me to understand the root cause of my issues and was encouraging without pushing me beyond what I could cope with. He also helped me to recognise and challenge destructive behaviours and find better ways of managing stress and anxiety. Therapy is not an easy experience but Jim made me feel safe and gave me confidence to keep persisting.
22 March 2022
Pauline was a good third in our conversations - coming in to offer suggestions or amplify and reflect on what we were saying. She guided discussion and also gave us ways to relate and understand each other better. She really helped us have more compassion for each other as a couple, and walked with us on our journey from almost a breach of trust towards a deeper connection, and much better communication and caring for one another. Thank you, Pauline.
18 March 2022
Empathetic and good at listening throughout. Good perspectives and suggestions during the sessions.
5 February 2022
Easy to talk to
I am so happy I found Sharareh. I turned down therapy so many times in the past and she made everything so easy. Sharareh is kind, easy to talk to, comforting and offers real insight. She gave the exact guidance I needed.
23 December 2021