Therapist Reviews

Updated 24 June 2024

5 January 2024
I found Amanda very easy to talk to, having tried a couple of therapists before, I instantly felt very comfortable with her compared to my past attempts. I felt Amanda really listened to me and allowed me to express myself without any judgement. Amanda helped me to open up and speak about very painful episodes in my life and enabled me to understand that it was ok to feel the way I did. She taught me ways/tools to deal with my anxieties and by talking through things, I have been able to move forward emotionally. If I ever needed therapy in the future, I would be contacting Amanda first.
31 December 2023
Carol is calm, patient, relatable and welcoming.
10 December 2023
Easy to talk to
Really understanding and easy to talk to, I feel like I clicked with her straight away.
30 November 2023
Working with Barbara was a very insightful experience. I am the type of person who looks for immediate answers and solutions to my issues, not wanting to 'sit and reflect' on some experiences, however, working with Barbara definitely instilled the need to take a step back and see what certain events mean to me. She not only was an active listener, but her responses were accurate and resonant with how I truly felt. I found her to be an extremely compassionate individual and teach through the lens of the heart, not the mind. I myself am quick to get caught up in the mental gymnastics of certain issues, especially emotional ones, and Barbara had a profound ability to take me out of my mental body and into my emotional body. I sought her help when I was at the peak of a stressful time in my life, completing university, a bureaucratic process abroad, moving home, and seeing many changes in my life and personal/romantic relationship(s). I felt like I needed the help of someone who could give me the tools to stay calm, regulated and most importantly to soften myself in times when I needed it most yet found it nearly.
12 September 2023
I went to Peter because of long-standing issues with my sleep, and found his approach of working with the whole body and physical manifestations of emotions, as well as the mind, extremely useful. Peter was always patient, and also challenged me to explore areas of my past, personal relationships and family which I had not fully addressed or understood, which were playing out in my sleep. I was extremely grateful to Peter for his help and guidance during a difficult period, which led to some really positive and far-reaching changes in my personal and working life.
2 June 2023
Easy to talk to
Malgorzata has been extremely warm and empathetic. I found it very easy to open up to her about difficult situations in my past. Without ever feeling judged. She uses a variety of methods, and is very flexible with how she approaches different issues. I have been dealing with Ocd since my childhood. After unpacking a lot of my fears and finding their origins with Malgorzata, I feel a lot emotionally healthier then ever before.
26 April 2023
What worked very well for me was how strongly academic and evidence-based Debbie was. The first session consisted of being handed at least 6 different self-assessment questionnaires and getting them as homework to fill out. Then the next few sessions was Debbie digging deeper into the results, asking me on details. She then used this to inform her sessions with me. I thought it was a very effective approach. Debbie is compassionate, mirthful and very quick to jump in and stop any self-hate or self-sabotage, reminding me to stop replaying that old VHS tape of negativity. I give credit to Debbie for taking my neurodiversity seriously and recommending me a colleague of hers to get an autism assessment. True to her nature, Debbie then included my assessment into her therapy. Debbie is great if you want a more academically rigorous approach to your therapy.
5 April 2023
Simon is so approachable and calm, I felt able to open up fully right away. He listens and offers wisdom without leading me and never has a judgement. I always feel I'm in a safe space with him and always come away feeling empowered, with a lighter outlook and I feel as calm as Simon is.
31 March 2023
Laura is very competent, compassionate, and engaging. She helped me immeasurably during a fraught period of my life, and aided me in creating real change in my life.
15 March 2023
Dr Payne is a knowledgeable therapist who helped me greatly in dealing with the abuse I experienced in my 13 year marriage which ended November 2022. I was thoroughly confused as to what had happened to me during this period. Dr Payne helped me come to terms with the signs of this abuse. At a time where I needed a professional to speak with, Dr Payne came through. I would have loved to have carried on with my therapy but personal circumstances (work etc) got in the way. Thanks so much for your help John.